graphic designer, mad about her iPhone, geeky gadget hunter, anime & manga lover, non-chocolate eater, an ok video gamer and definitely a dog lover & an ocassional socialbee living life creatively

My name is Leanne, and I’m a graphic designer. I have been a graphic designer for nearly 10 years, working in design and advertising. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from University of Canberra, Australia. I have worked as a designer in different design/advertising agencies, from contract to contract, picking up experience and skills in design as well as advertising in Canberra. Right now, I’m employed full time in a federal government agency as a designer.

I have a great eye for design and attention to detail. I also perform very well under pressure and within tight timeframe. I have worked on a large variety of projects from print, desktop publishing, print advertising through to digital such as web design and social media advertising. I was working a freelancer in my spare time but have decided to take a break from it as my day-job is keeping me pretty busy. There’s a couple of personal projects I would like to get done too.

In my spare time nowadays, I generally spend it walking the dog or out about shooting photos. I have been fascinated by photography since the age of 16. I recently picked up this hobby again since I left university. I’ve forgotten how different it is to take a back-seat and see the world through a viewfinder. I find the views interesting and fascinating.

I also recently started working on a pet project – toy design. I have designed some character designs, initially intended for t-shirt prints. I think they look pretty cool so decided to turn them into vinyl toys. I am still working on the 3D concepts. I will eventually start a page posting progress updates so check back if you’re interested to see the work-in-progress.

Thanks for visiting!